Terms of service

General Business Terms and Conditions.

We offer different levels of postage. Generally we choose tracked. BUT.  For some countries particularly in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia some Asian countries and South America, there is NO or limited tracking service. If we have to use airmail or registered service because there is no tracked service – the risk of this service with NO TRACKING is yours. You always have the option of selecting a courier service which is more expensive but is trackable at least.
Want your stuff in a hurry? DHL. This is a fast (3- 5 days), trackable, insured service and is more. (approx $50 - $75). If you are in a hurry or are really dubious of your post system (eg most places in Africa and believe it or not Italy, Greece, Belgium, Denmark) then this is your option.
DECLARATION of value. Usually this is what you paid. However, I believe, vintage audio enthusiasts should not be penalised for their hobby by greedy governments! So, if you want a specific value declared at your risk, just ask. Usually AUS$25 is the threshold. This of course is at your risk and instruction. 
POSTAGE WEIGHT CATEGORIES The first tier of weight category is at 500g and then 1Kg, 1.5Kg etc. (Domestic next category is 3Kg). If it goes over 500g for international its roughly 0.85x the lesser weight category cost. Most electronic kits weigh between 245 and 450g. Motor kits are about 150g. The Shopify platform will work out combined postage.

2. YOUR ADDRESS – this is really really important
It may be obvious but PLEASE make sure your address is 100% correct and add more information if there could be any possibility of ambiguity. Please limit any line to 32 characters. Do not use foreign language symbols like o ß ˘ ˆ - ~ ° Ç . The automatic link may not translate these correctly. Please also use capitalisation appropriately as all lower case can be confusing. The information you provide is automatically transferred into Australia Post system and onto a label. It must be perfectly clear because if it isn’t, it is at your risk.
Please make sure:
• DON’T exceed 32 characters per line including spaces. Use an extra line.
• Your full name is clear and capitalised appropriately eg Mr Firstname Surname etc
• House / flat / section number and street number are clearly demarcated with a comma and space between them. Don’t use foreign language symbols like o ß ˘ ˆ - ~ ° these wont be directly translatable.
• Suburb, Town is clearly shown
• City is shown on a separate line
• UK people – Australia Post does not recognise your little hamlet of 5 people in the middle of a suburb or town. Add more information in case it spits the dummy which it often does for UK addresses – it likes a known suburb, town or city.
• Postal or Zip code is shown exactly as it should be. Don’t add spaces, embellishments or abbreviations.
• List your mobile phone number. This is really important as many postal services now send text messages if a parcel in not deliverable for any reason. They may not leave the old fashioned post card.
• List your direct contactable email address. This must be one that you regularly monitor.

We only dispatch orders once a week usually on Fridays. Usually Australia Post gets parcels out of Australia with 3 days of items being lodged. However parcels are often held up with your local post and customs for days and even weeks. Pandemic disruptions will result in increased delay.

Printed service sheets and instructions are not supplied with items and must be requested by email, sales@nagravox.com.au after your kit has arrived. This is then sent via a download service as a pdf document as they are usually too big for email. This may seem a strange way to do things but it is the most effective for me to make sure you have the latest service sheets as well as minimising postage and printing costs. Please detail exactly what kits you purchased. Parts and cut down kits don't generally have service sheets, but some may have technical notes which you are most welcome to. Please just be patient during the down load – it does take time and the strange interface makes it seem like nothing is happening. Please note ALL our literature is copyright and by receiving these you implicitly agree to comply with our copyright policy. Service Sheets, tapes and all media contain material protected under International Copyright Laws and Treaties and are strictly copyright protected. I reserve all rights in any form of my IP’ Copyright © Jenform Australia Pty Ltd 2011. You are granted use of our IP only if you use it for the private diy purposes intended – ie updating / upgrading / repairing your own vintage electronic device for which you have purchased a kit from Nagravox. No 3rd party is authorised. Any unauthorized reprint or use of any of this material is prohibited. No part of any guide may be reproduced, communicated or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written consent from Jenform Australia Pty Ltd - which will not be unreasonably withheld - just ask!
Service sheets are for diy private enthusiast use only and NOT available to other commercial service, sales or competitors unless you have received permission by prior arrangement with me. This is not unreasonably withheld and I am quite approachable on a commercial liaison and agreement basis. I welcome commercial purchasers on a mutually cooperative and fellowship basis
Personal online support in the form of questions, problems, issues, advice etc via email, Skype or Facetime can only be given to those diy purchasers that have purchased the full kits and downloaded the applicable service sheets. Please don't expect support if you don't bother to look at my service sheets. Although I have never had to limit the amount of time I give you in free support, in the future I reserve the right to possibly ask you for payment of extended support that may run into many hours.

All our kits are warranted for 2 years from date of purchase on the basis of component replacement. In the unlikely event that you have a problem or are not happy with any aspect please contact us and give us a chance to remedy the situation. All media, consumables and semiconductors are non returnable for obvious reasons.

6. We reserve the right to refuse business with individuals or entities who pose a risk to our ethical beliefs or intellectual property. We do not ship to certain countries involved in various ethically concerning areas such as civil war conflicts, human rights abuses, terrorism, slave labor, and discrimination against minority groups. Nagravox also refuses to conduct business with those who pose a risk to our intellectual property and copyright.

We are a small organization and prefer it that way. We don’t do deals or best price. The price is what it is. We are happy to discuss commercial cooperation and of course in quantity you would be entitled to a commercial discount.

Two prices are shown as per pedantic Australian Government regulations. One for Australian residents which includes GST and the other for overseas customers (tax excluded).

Email : sales@nagravox.com.au Phone: +61 (0) 408 497 132 . Facetime or Whats App as per phone / email.