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Made in Japan Leader was a popular make for the USA market. It seems they were made up to 2000 and beyond The LMV series of average responding rms reading ac millivolt meters are applicable to a wide range of general purpose single or simultaneous dual channel audio measurements.

All 3 models have similar characteristics. High sensitivity of 100 uV to 300 V rms maximum full scale with a wide bandwidth of 20 Hz to 1 MHz for the LMV-181A or to 500 kHz for the LMV-186A. Meter scales are conveniently calibrated in millivolts and dB (0 dBV = 1 V and 0 dBm = 0.775 V) with accuracies to within 2%. The LMV181 is a single channel instrument whilst the 185 and 186 are dual channel instruments with 2 meter needles one for each channel. The LMV186 is almost 40% larger in size that the other two models and so is very easy to read at a distance. It also has a a channel reverse switch. All models have two linear voltage scales and two logarithmic Db scales -20 to +2Db  

The Leader millivolt meters are similar to the HP400 series in terms of ability and specs. The   scales are little more complex and the LMV 185 has different RF connectors unlike the industry standard BNC. Adapters can be obtained. Build quality is good but meters older than 20 years should be recapped.

Nagravox offers recap kits for these meters and a calibration reference with its digital signal generators should you wish to check or set the calibration. The recap kit comes with BNC sockets to convert the standard phono sockets or less popular RF sockets on the LMV 185.

 The   different models are offered in 2 variations:

  •  2nd hand meter tested and working complete with a diy recap kit.
  • Fully refurbished, recapped and calibrated as a single channel instrument with BNC connectors or adapters in the case of the LM185.

 My stock of some of these may be limited from time to time.  It is best to check 1st before purchasing. 



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