Accessory Options kit for Revox B77 - sync remote etc


$44.00 AUD

Capacitor & Preset Trimmer Kit for Revox B77 Optional Accessories.

SYNC amplifier, Remote, Slide Synchroniser and Dissolve. 

This kit contains the following replacement components for the B77 accessories and caters for all of them. if fitted

  • replacement capacitors for all the electrolytic and tantalum capacitors

  • trimmer potentiometers

 These are suitable for the following circuit boards.

  • Slide sync   1.177.270 /271

  • Remote  1.128.040 /041

  • Dissolve  1.177.282

  • Sync  1.177.223

The kit is supposed to be used in conjunction with our full capacitor and trimmer replacement kit for the B77 when you have one or more of the extra features fitted. 

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