Globes / Bulbs for Revox & Studer


$8.25 AUD

Globes for most Revox and Studer tape recorders, cd players, mixers and amplifiers.

Nagravox now stocks all globes for:

  • Revox  A50, A77, A78, A700, B77, B126, B215, B225, B226,  B710, A-E36, C270, F36, G36, PR99, C270.  

  • Studer  A67, B67, A720, A721, A725, A80, A810, A807, 900, 901

This is how we organise our globes stock by base. We give the bases our own obvious names because frankly there doesn't seem to be a standardised worldwide system. The particular machine model number will then determine what particular voltage and wattage the globe is - i.e. within  the base type classifications there are different voltages and wattages.  This means that although the base may look the same different machines may have different voltages / wattages. We will make sure you get the right one if you follow our order instructions. 

 TYPE 1  Wire Slide Base

  • A77  End of Tape

  • A700 End of Tape

  • A700  VU / panel

  • B215 display

  • B77  VU / panel

  • PR99  VU / panel

  • Studer A807/810

  • Studer A80

  • Studer A67 / B67

 TYPE 2  Screw Lense Base

  • G36  End of Tape 


TYPE 3  Bayonet Base

  • A77 VU / panel

  • A50 / A78 panel

  • G36  VU  

  TYPE 4  Wedge Base

  • A700 

  • Studer A67 / B67

  • Studer A80 pushbuttons

  TYPE 5  SPECIAL  Coloured Lamps for CD

  • Revox B126, B226

  • Studer A725 and Revox B225

 TYPE 6  Special mini

  • A80 VU multitrack models 


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