Revox Toggle Switch Repair Kit


$36.00 AUD

FOR Tape Recorders B77 PR99 A/B710
FOR OTHERS B7 or B700 series

These toggle repair kits are an ideal fix for those horrible broken switch handles that always seem to occur. Much cheaper than a new toggle switch for sure which are now obsolete and no longer available.

The body and working contact mechanism is usually okay in a broken switch. All you need do is drill the rivets out (pretty easy), dismantle the switch, fit the new toggle, assemble and re-rivet or screw the two halves of the switch together. Of course getting the switch out from either the motherboard or sub board is a little more involved but as long as you are patient and methodical, its not too onerous.


  • Metal cross bars.  Fits perfectly
  • Strong plastic main shaft.  This is far better than a metal shaft. Why? A metal shaft is rigid and will not give on impact likely causing the whole switch mechanism and body to be destroyed. (Switch bodies / mechanisms are no longer available!!!). Our shaft is high grade plastic that will sacrificially give on impact thus protecting the switch mechanism and body. This is how the original switches were made.  DONT BE FOOLED by other offerings implying a metal shaft is better - it isnt!
  • Quality end cover over the toggle - beautifully machined and chamfered - not like others available on ebay (compare and you will be surprised)
  • Rivets  to secure the switch together as original 
  • Screws and Nuts  an optional alternative switch securement system (I prefer the rivets as original but this is an equally appropriate alternative)
  • Support service to help you in case you have questions, problems, suggestions etc. My philosophy is "there are no problems only solutions".
  • These are made to our specifications in Europe and NOT cheap Chinese made advertised as coming from EU.

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