Studer A800 ELECTRONIC capacitor & trimmer overhaul kit


$1,250.00 AUD

 NAGRAVOX'S  electronic capacitor update / upgrade kit for the Studer A800 professional recorder - includes components that should be replaced on all power supply and  tape transport systems  AND audio modules and cards .

Don’t waste your time replacing just one or two capacitors on machines that are now 25+ years old, replace ALL the troublesome electrolytics,  tantalums and suppression capacitors. Usually the old high voltage capacitors associated with the motors and tape drive will also be old electrically and often even visually.

This kit contains parts for the very important power supply, tape control, logic, microprocessor and transport functions and includes:

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics
  • Large PSU can type capacitors - there are 13x large specially manufactured low ESR high endurance  long life 120C electrolytic capacitors for the power supplies 
  • Replacement for all tantalum capacitors
  • Brand new specially manufactured non polarised motor capacitor 
  • All troublesome suppression capacitors on drive control, switching and supplies
  • New mains filter module 
 The kits are divided into
  • AUDIO systems / modules in 8 track / 8 module units

You order the base kit then one of 3 audio kits dependant on how many tracks your machine is.


The following boards are catered for:

    TOTALS:  BASE KIT has 128Capacitors incl mains filter.      AUDIO kit per 8 tracks has 656 capacitors. 


    1. Picture of audio kit shows just 1 channel or track. 
    2. Audio kits are in multiples of 8 tracks ie 8, 16 and 24.
    3. Time code associated boards and sperate auto locator/ remote control are not included in this upgrade / service but can be specially made up on request.
    4. Includes our summary service sheets on parts list / placement.

    Servicing Brands...