HEADS and head services for Revox / Studer - relap, NOS & new


$240.00 AUD

Nagravox has a range of head and headblock services and can also supply good 2nd hand heads, service exchange heads and new heads manufactured for Nagravox to original specifications by AM in Belgium.

RELAPPING. Our colleague Gunter does relapping of heads.  He trained in the lapping department at Studer and worked for them as a service engineer for many years. Heads can be relapped if the wear flat is <5mm and/or < the guide flat top / bottom and the head gap has not been compromised or 'opened up'. When you send your heads to us they are closely inspected and assessed as to suitability for successful relapping.

HOW MUCH LIFE ON A RELAPPED HEAD.  On a new head you have 100% life or about 3000 - 5000 hours depending on speed of machine.  Vitrovac heads have about double this.  Relapped heads are graded by us depending on wear flat indicator in terms of life expectancy. All relapped heads have a new lease on life but it wont be the same as a new head. New head guide flat = 6mm. You can relap most heads where the actual wear flat is <5mm. The greater the original wear flat the less the relapped life. We estimate:

  • if wear flat after relapping is 4mm - 66% more life
  • if wear flat after relapping is 3mm - 50% more life
  • if wear flat after relapping is 2mm - 33% more life
  • if wear flat after relapping is 1mm - 16% more life

HEAD BLOCK ALIGNMENT.   We can also completely service your head block. This includes dismantling heads from shells, refitting into shells after lapping. New heads for Studer are quite involved in terms of head shells and the head block must be aligned after fitting.  This goes for Revox as well but not for relapped heads. We set up based on original factory settings for height and plumb. I we have a machine similar to yours in the workshop we will also set the head wrap - if not we will instruct you how to do it yourself when you reinstall your head block - its not difficult.  On Revox heads tape guide alignment and shimming is also done and new tape guide bearings supplied. Your tape reel tables may need shimming adjustment  to match the newly aligned head block standard OEM setting. This is not difficult to do and our full monty kits include a variable set of  reel table height shims.

NEW HEADS   These are manufactured new for us by AMS in Belgium.  AMS used to be an independent head supplier for Studer in the later years. Studer and Revox heads are supplied loose and therefore you must use your old head shells. On some models we have new manufactured Studer heads in vitrovac material (very long lasting) as well as the butterfly variant.  Please note since COVID prices have gone up a lot. We have a minimal markup on new heads.  Are they worth?  Most definately of you want to get the best out of your machine.

NEW G36 HEADS.  These are supplied complete in metal head shells (Mk3). A fully refundable deposit is applicable of $200 per head which is refunded when you send us your old heads complete in head shells (the value is in the head shells for us)

2nd HAND, NOS & SERVICE EXCHANGE HEADS. Contact us for a chat - we have variable stock of these for a variety of Studer and Revox machines.




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