$800.00 AUD

You can change speed and / or equalisation on F36, G36, A77, B77 and PR99. 

With whatever you order PLEASE send a note exactly what machine, what speed change and what equalisation change.   On the mechanical side. You MUST send  your old capstan shaft to us at some stage and when we receive it we will pass a $300 credit to you.  The speed change price includes a refundable $300 deposit which is returned to you when we receive your old shaft - see notes below.

Its not a simple matter of changing shaft for speed changes but also involves the capstan motor and its mounting position as well as equalisation parts on a number of tape transport and audio boards. Our instructions are a boon to making sure all changes are done correctly.   Please note that cosmetically the front face plate printing will need to be neatly amended with a sticker to show the correct speeds.

For B77 and PR99 there are more options. From SLS  (super low speed), LS (low speed) to NS (normal speed) or HS (high speed).  For A77, F36 and  G36  NS to HS. 

The Capstan Motor Shaft and motor body special adapter eccentric bushes are the main expense.  We offer a mechanical conversion kit which includes a service exchange shaft  (we charge a fully refundable deposit  of AUS$ 300  which is refunded if your shaft journals are serviceable - most are OK).   The capstan shaft you get will be the correct diameter AND also have been surface reconditioned (dull grey as per factory spec). YOU SHOULD also be purchasing a motors overhaul kit with this which includes bearings, lubricants, washers, shims etc for all 3 motors. Remember to add to your order.

Equalisation Change From NAB to IEC and IEC to NAB and change in speed.    All machines that are SLS  (super low speed), LS (low speed) or NS (normal speed) are usually NAB only.   The most involved as far as audio board modifications is changing to NAB HS.  Most others are simpler.  Speed change also implies equalisation change even if you keep it eg NAB.

A detailed instructional service sheet is included showing all the components that need to be changed.  We also include any factory updates to later versions eg  .81, .82, .83.

You will need BOTH a mechanical and a speed change / equalisation kit to do a full speed change. If you only want to change equalisation you obviously dont need the mechanical kit.

Remember to send a note with your order. We need to know all the details of what you have and what you want to change to.  ie Machine model, mk version, speed current, new speed, current equalisation, new equalisation.

F36 and G36 - we do motor for you option.  As these comprise separate flywheel and motor sub units and are quite complicated, you may wish to send your whole capstan motor unit to us for a full recondition / service and conversion. We would also take the opportunity to update the thrust washer to the low friction type in the case of a G36. The cost for this is approximately AUS$300. If you want to avail yourself of this, please make email contact and we will send you instructions how to take your motor unit out and how to send to us. Do not buy any kit yet, we will add your requirements to a final invoice.   

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