AKAI GX280/285 ELECTRONIC capacitor and trimmer kit


$345.00 AUD

Capacitor & Preset Trimmer Upgrade / Overhaul Kit for AKAI GX280 and GX285 reel tape recorders

 This kit contains parts for the power supply, tape control and transport functions as well as the audio cards:

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics including large PSU  type

  • Replacement for all smaller electrolytic capacitors

  • Brand new dual capacitance specially custom  manufactured non polarised motor capacitors 

  • All troublesome paper capacitors on drive control, switching and mains suppression

  • Fully enclosed cermet type preset potentiometers to replace any old open type trimmers

 This kit caters for the following circuits / boards.

  • Power Supply, Tape Transport Control, All motor chassis and clip mounted motor capacitors, Capstan Servo, Reproduce Amplifiers, Record Amplifiers, Oscillator

  • A limited set of Nagravox instructions to guide you  (please note these are not as comprehensive as our Revox and Studer manuals which run into several hundred pages) They are a guide. A copy of the Akai factory service manuals are included in your download if you have not already got them.   

 TOTALS:  Capacitors =127. Preset trimmers =25.  Spare suppression RC resistors = 5.   

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