NAB Adapters by Nagravox


$120.00 AUD

NEW!  Nagravox is pleased to now be able to offer its own specially manufactured NAB adapters at a better pricing, availability and the same excellent quality.

Our NAB adapters will fit any 1/4" machine that uses the cine trident spigots in the centre of the two reel tables and that can take 10.5"or larger reels with NAB hubs Most machines such as Revox, Studer, Akai, Pioneer, Tascam, Teac, Sony, Technics etc.

What do NAB Adapters comprise? (see pics in the gallery) Basically all NAB adapters have a central plastic NAB hub adapter that adapts the trident reel table to a NAB hub. This is the heart of all NAB adapters and the new mould used for Nagravox is an exact copy of the original Revox one. The plastic NAB hub can be used as a stand alone NAB adapter. Then one can add an extension trumpet in aluminium or acrylic to the central plastic NAB hub. So ALL NAB adapters have this plastic NAB hub as their basis.

All NAB adapters are sold in pairs.
We also supply 4x spacer disks with them because many metal reels are thinner than plastic and may scrape. These adapters allow you to increase teh effective real table height very slightly.

PLEASE NOTE: Clear acrylic are very popular and can go out of stock temporarily. Please check stock before ordering "acrylic".

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