End of Tape optical sensor kit for Revox B77 and PR99


$20.00 AUD

MATCHED PAIR - replacement Opto Sensor set for Revox B77 and PR99 end of tape module

If the EOT sensor is not working correctly, then your tape transport may be doing weird things including not switching off and sometimes not latching into play, rewind or ffwd. Revox had a lot of problems with the EOT system on the B77 / PR99 resulting in many updates and sometimes conflicting technical bulletins to try and achieve reliable operation from a wide variety of tapes.

I have conducted some extensive research into the EOT systems on Studer and Revox machines and have at last found a manufacturer that makes spectrally matched pairs of transmitter (narrow band IR LED) and receiver (matched ir band photo transistor). Replacing these is fairly easy using the existing mounting module and we provide full instructions (request only) on how to do it as well as test and set up the EOT adjustment. Details and suggestions are also made in terms of the many modifications  by the factory - a précis of what’s prudent!   Replacing just one of these sensors is a waste of time usually as you need a matched pair.  This kit is a lot cheaper than buying the complete OEM module - which we also stock.

Semiconductors and consumables are non refundable or returnable. Please make sure you know what you are ordering and what you are doing.

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