Full mechanical Overhaul Kit for Revox C270


$330.00 AUD

Many Revox C270's have a had a hard life in recording studios and radio stations. Whenever we do a full restoration / overhaul in our workshops we find that many of the bearings, damper action and brakes are a little sloppy, noisy or just tired.

The full mechanical overhaul kit enables you to replace, service & adjust:

  • Reel motor bearings 
  • Capstan motor lubrication - see *
  • Guide roller bearings - not all models have these
  • Tension arm damper drag agent / lubricant
  • Brake linings
  • General lubrication of levers, shafts and bushes
  • Pinch roller 
  • Reel table height shims 

Most importantly it includes our detailed service sheet guide on how to do it, how to set things up correctly and full tech support on how to address problems if they arise.

Don't think that just doing a recap of the A807 is all that's required. The mechanical aspects are also important and often neglected.

Please Note: The main picture of this listing is a generic picture of parts variably supplied in our mechanical kits and specific items supplied are model specific. (You will NOT be getting all the items shown but will get all those applicable to your machine).


 * WHICH LUBRICANT FOR CAPSTAN MOTOR?  Three different motors are fitted to the C270 requiring different lubricants. 

1. Earlier motors were lubricated with PDP 65. There is no label although the small white sticker may stipulate PDP65 on some motors (if it hasn’t fallen off).
2. Later motors were lubricated with GLY2100 (a much thicker oil / semi grease). Motors had a clear red sticker.
3. Much Later  motors with roller bearing. There is a large red sticker which clearly states the motor type. There is no lubrication required. If the motor is noisy please contact us for advice. DO NOT disassemble nor squirt oil in these motors in the mistaken belief you are doing good – you are not!

Please see picture in the photo gallery for examples of different motor stickers.

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