NEW Precision 'Deluxe' roller bearing Pinch Roller for Revox 1/4" recorders


$180.00 AUD

Our latest NEW patented DELUXE 1/4" Pinch Roller kit for Revox B77 / PR99 / A700 / C270.  

This pinch roller is a new 'deluxe' type version using a single roller bearing system to ensure perfect alignment and precision with ultra low friction:

  • Suitable for good condition AND  worn PR shafts
  • Very stable low wow and flutter operation due to low friction roller bearing and excellent simple alignment
  • Reasonable life with minimal wear to the pinch roller shaft
  • Available in green ADP or Black rubber - we find no difference in the formulations and will supply what we have in stock. 
  • I use these on our Master machines used in making calibration tapes. Their wow and flutter and overall performance exceeds anything we have ever tested.
  • New non Asia manufactured BLACK RUBBER or GREEN ADP pinch roller   
  • A number of optional thin shims to adjust end float optimally.
  • We have fitted these to a number of hard working archive studio machines and are very impressed with the results.

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