$105.00 AUD

NEW!  Nagravox is pleased to now be able to offer its own designed and patented NAB Pancake Spooler / Winder.
This does exactly what the old AEG DIN Plate system does except it fits and is used for the normal  NAB hub 1/4" 10.5" pancakes. (The AEG system was for its own proprietary adapter and accommodated platters from 10" to ~12").  Our pancake spooling winder fits any machine that has cine trident reel hold downs and it allows the use of the very popular and common NAB hub pancakes. It will fit any 1/4" machine that uses the cine trident spigots in the centre of the two reel tables and that can take 10.5"or larger reels with NAB hubs Most machines such as Revox, Studer, Akai, Pioneer, Tascam, Teac, Sony, Technics etc. You dont need the reel tables with holes in or teh difficult to find AEG spindle and lock hub.

What is it used for?
  • Makes spooling a hub directly out of the box easy and efficient
  • Buying pancakes is cheaper and more cost effective than tape on metal reels. The winder allows you to then spool the new tape onto your own metal or plastic reels from 5" - 10.5" quickly and efficiently. The risk of the pancake becoming unwound whilst physically fitting to a dismantled metal reel is minimised.
  • Leader tape pancakes can be wound safely onto a plastic 5" or 7" reel.
  • You can record / playback the pancakes directly as you would using the AEG system. This is particularly useful when making multiple copies. 

The risk of a pancake coming undone and collapsing is minimised because the pancake is fully supported by the reel plate.

You can use commonly available 10.5" NAB pancakes of any tape type formulation.

Usually one winder suffices but if you want to record and playback solely on pancakes you can order a pair.

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