Revox A700 Basic Electronic capacitor kit


$214.00 AUD

This kit should be considered the absolute minimum BASIC kit and contains the following high voltage AC capacitors and components which are easy to replace and are often faulty .

  • 2x (6.5uf 250 VAC + 1.5uf 250 VAC) Reel Motor Capacitors -  special 3 terminal dual cap (separate 1.5uf that fits on outside easily).  Fits perfectly no mods needed.

  • 1x 3.5uf 250 VAC capstan motor capacitor

  • 9x 300VAC suppression capacitors.  Absolutely essential to replace

  • 1x 0.1uf 300VAC - mains filter capacitor

  • 1x drive control system relay - this relay does a lot of work and often is the culprit of spurious problems due to suppression caps failing.

WE would encourage you, if you really want to fully update and overhaul your A700, to consider the FULL A700 kit which has many extras including factory tech bulletin recommended updates, mechanical items etc etc.

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