Revox A77 BASIC motor & suppressor capacitor kit for all models


$95.00 AUD

This kit is for ALL mk1 - mk4.

This is a very basic kit for all models. I stress - very basic. It will address immediate concern items that are at high risk of burning out completely due to old age. Please also consider our other kits which may be appropriate for your project.

 ALL our motor capacitors are specially made for Revox and Studer tape recorders to our design specifications.

This kit includes the associated paper AC suppressor capacitors that commonly give problems in the capstan speed control and tape drive control. 

  • 2x 4.3uf 250 VAC  reel motors capacitors
  • 1x 3.5uf 250 VAC capstan motor capacitor
  • 5x 0.47uf 300VAC AC X2 suppression capacitors 
  • 1x 0.1uf 300VAC AC X2 suppressor capacitor
  • now includes 4x special high voltage suppression resistors for the tape transport board which we have found are often damaged when a capacitor is faulty and was an official factory tech update.

Motor caps size 30mm D x 50mm H (overall height with terminals). They fit perfectly

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