Revox A77 UPGRADE from basic to ELECTRONIC Control Systems & Audio upgrade overhaul kit for Mk1-4


$145.00 AUD

This is for those people who initially purchased a BASIC kit but have realised that the full ELECTRONIC kit is justified.  It is less the motor capacitors and suppression components which are in the basic kit.

For for all models  This kit is for both transistor & IC speed control versions includes components to cover both.  

 This kit contains:

  • replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics

  • replacement for all tantalum capacitors

  • a full set of fully enclosed cermet type preset trimmers
  • A set of suppression resistors as per later factory tech update bulletin (these are really important)

 These are suitable for the following circuit boards.

  • PSU 1.077.540

  • Tape Drive 1.077.370

  • Switchboard 1.077.435/426

  • Input amp 1.077.700  

  • Record 1.077.705  

  • Oscillator 1.077.712  

  • Record relay 1.077.715 

  • Playback amp 1.077.720

  • Speed control    1.077.725   and 1.077.724 or /729

  • 1x Large PSU can capacitor stud mount as per original
  • Comprehensive instruction manual

  • Support to help you if you have a problem

TOTALS:  Capacitors =66 .   Preset trimmers = 18.   + Misc hardware. 


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