Revox A77 Full Monty electronic and mechanical overhaul kit


$693.00 AUD

A77 FULL MONTY complete service overhaul kits for Revox A77 reel to reel tape recorders mk 1 - 4 


THE FULL MONTY.  A set of applicable sub kits typically containing:

  • Capacitor and Trimmer replacement kit.  All polar electrolytic, tantalum, non polar motor and suppression capacitors  and all open type trimmer potentiometers 

  • Motor overhaul kit for 3 motors including appropriate lubricant.  New SKF bearings, circlips and lubricant/s for all three motors. Earlier A77 Mk1/2 includes capstan special roller bearing

  • Pinch Roller kit. - pinch roller with appropriate low friction PTFE washers and metal shims

  • Tape Guide Kit  - two stainless steel SKF guide bearings with a full set of shims to set tape clearance accurately within the guide. (Includes extra parts needed to convert left guide from rub block to a bearing.)  Note:  not supplied for  types that cant use this kit.

  • New RCA Sockets  Replace those ugly tarnished and faulty RCA sockets. Applicable to models that have RCA sockets eg  F/G36, A77, B77, A700, B750, Revox cassettes and CD's  

  • Brake drum linings - 1 pair for both reel turntables

  • Tape counter belts  - 2 supplied - white toothed and long black. A77, B77, PR99.  1 supplied for A700 and F/G36

  • Globes for the VU / Power / end of tape - 1 or 2 of each type fitted as spares

  • PCB locator sponge.  To secure the PCB's when fitting the inspection / calibration panel - A77, B77, PR99.  (How many people bother ? Well, its pretty important and part of doing the job properly!)

  • Separate Nagravox service sheet manuals detailing how to do it all.  Lots of pictures before / after, suggestions, updates, troubleshooting.

  • Support service to help you in case you have questions, problems, comments. Problems are temporal events in the cosmos of life, "there are no problems only solutions".

  • Transistors Spares Pack. (new from 2018)   The "Full Monty" now also includes a useful semiconductor spares pack which has a selection of repair replacements for most of the BC type NPN and PNP audio transistors as well as 1N diodes. This is not for replacing all transistors - only those that may be faulty or suspect. (replacing all transistors is completely unnecessary). The kit is particularly suitable for all Revox A77, B77 and PR99 machines AND is also a very useful kit to have as part of your electronic spares for most Revox and Studer equipment.

  • Includes our RCA sockets - complete your restoration to the highest level. Smart functional and eliminates many intermittent hassles.


EARLY Mk1 -  Type VE has early single bearing capstan motor and early fixed tape guides.

INTERMEDIATE Mk1, 2, 3  Type E has early single bearing capstan motor up to ser no. S60482  G78002.

Mk3 and 4  Type L is the later all sintered bearing motor from ser no. S60483  G78003

Dolby Mk3 and 4  Type L Dolby  is the later machine with Dolby


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