Revox A77 relay for tape drive board


$28.00 AUD

REVOX A77 tape drive board plug in relay

This is the CORRECT relay made by reputable international company Omron. 

Available as a relay with retaining clip (the old one may not fit) OR  with base as well. The base and clip are easy to fit and ensure you have a clip system that is not so fiddly and vague as the standard one. 

Please Note:  If you have to replace a relay, it is highly recommended that you will at the very least fit our Revox A77 Basic motor & suppressor capacitor kit or of course the full electronic or full Monty kits. Breakdown of the suppression capacitors and resistors are a major reason relays (and sometimes diodes) become intermittent and faulty. 

As from May 2020 we are also including 3 spare diodes with the relay in case one of these is damaged on the tape transport board.  


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