Revox A77 Tape Guide Brass Shoulder Screw


$19.00 AUD

Revox A77 - BRASS SHOULDER SCREW for tape guide assembly     

If you have used the wrong tool and really stuffed it up!  Price is per screw - 1 item.

We have brand new ones - factory fresh.  Please note this screw can also be worn due to the roller bearing rusting up and seizing. The roller bearing does not in normal service turn on this screw shaft axis - the screw is merely a locator not a bearing surface!  The bearing rusting up occurs if you use a cheap steel bearing or worse. Tape Guide bearings must be stainless steel! - see our tape guide kit.

Please consider our tape guide kit which includes a very worthwhile additional bearing modification for the LHS tape guide block.

Fits Revox A77 - all versions.


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