Revox A77 Electronic capacitor trimmer overhaul kit for Mk 1 - 4


$212.00 AUD

Capacitor & Preset Pot Upgrade Kit for Revox A77 reel to reel tape recorders mk 1 and mk2 - 4. 

NOW !  for all models  This kit is for both the transistor and IC speed control versions and includes extra components to cover both.  

Select mk2 - mk4 version if you are sure it is a later model.  OR  select mk1 - mk4 for all models including early mk1.  There are a few extra parts for the early version.

 This kit contains:

  • replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics

  • replacement for all tantalum capacitors

  • brand new specially manufactured non polarised motor capacitors

  • all troublesome suppression capacitors on the drive control, capstan and  power supply.

  • a full set of fully enclosed cermet type preset trimmers

  • A set of suppression resistors as per later factory tech update bulletin (these are really important)

 These are suitable for the following circuit boards.

  • PSU 1.077.540

  • Tape Drive 1.077.370

  • Switchboard 1.077.435/426

  • Input amp 1.077.700  

  • Record 1.077.705  

  • Oscillator 1.077.712  

  • Record relay 1.077.715 

  • Playback amp 1.077.720

  • Speed control    1.077.725   and 1.077.724 or /729

  • 3x chassis mounted motor capacitors.

  • 1x Large PSU can capacitor stud mount as per original
  • Comprehensive instruction manual

  • Support to help you if you have a problem

TOTALS:  Capacitors =73 -79.   Preset trimmers = 18 -19.   + Misc hardware. 


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