Pinch Roller Kit for Revox B710 & Studer A710


$245.00 AUD

 This kit contains:

  • European made new  non OEM pinch rollers using a modern synthetic rubber formulation. Sintered Bronze centre hubs - long life / self lubricated for life. 

  • Pinch Roller 1.710.201.00 

  • Pinch Roller 1.710.202.00

  • Special low friction PTFE washers for top AND bottom on each roller.

  • Correct brass (non magnetic) shims.  

  • Snap ring circlips.  

  • These are composite brass and sintered bronze bush construction. 
  • Full instructions with photos as a service sheet is provided as a download

Our special pinch roller kit fits all Revox A710 mk1 and some early mk2 as well as very early Studer A710 cassette machines. 

Here are the actual sizes to help you decide which model you have.

This listing is for A/B710 earlier mk1 and possibly some early mk2  

TWO SIZES TYPE PR KIT -  8.0mm and 8.7mm D.

Note that on some early versions both pinch rollers left and right are the same size - 8.7mm D. 

The early Mk1 machines had 2 different pinch roller size and position variations.

  • Left smaller 8mm and right larger 8.7mm (most common and later vers)
  • Left = right = larger 8.7mm  - this is the earlier vers.

Note that for the early types with two 8.7mm PR's, there should be sufficient leeway in the pinch roller pressure adjustment to achieve the required force whether you use the smaller or larger PR. Perhaps you could consider updating and adjusting accordingly. The 2x 8.7mm PR kit is more expensive so its worth considering.

The correct pressure should be 3N left and 4.8N right (use a simple tension gauge as shown below - readily available).

If you have this one -   LARGER SAME SIZE TYPE - two 12.7mm D

then you have the later tape drive chassis and need to look at the other listing for A721 or B215 or B 710 mk2 because you have the later model. The transition occurred at Revox serial no. 20401 and Studer serial no. 2521. However many early mk1 machines were updated to the later tape chassis using 2x 12.7mm PR's - particularly Studer machines which were used a lot professionally - so serial nos may not always be definitive.


PLEASE NOTE. BUYING LIMIT of 1 kit per customer due to limited supply and us trying to be as fair as possible to all enthusiasts. We have had to instigate this as some buyers try to buy up all our stock which is just silly and unfair. Our modus operandi is in the spirit of  being a retail selling hub and serving audio enthusiasts.  Please feel free to contact us on this issue should you wish to purchase commercial quantities. We just want to be as fair as possible and serve audio enthusiasts best interests.  If you purchase more than one unfortunately we will have to cancel your order. Thanks in anticipation of your cooperation.

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