Revox B760 Tuner electronic overhaul kit


$148.00 AUD

ELECTRONIC Capacitor & Preset Pot Upgrade Kit for Revox B760 tuner

  •  replacement capacitors for the important power supply electrolytics. 

  • replacements for all other electrolytic and tantalum capacitors

  • a full set of fully enclosed cermet type preset potentiometers for various adjustments.

  • replacement suppression capacitors
  •  extra components included to cater for variations / versions and important factory bulletin updates.

  • Illumination bulbs

Capacitors = 59.   Preset trimmers =  5.    Bulbs 2.    Misc items 3

The kit contains everything you will likely need to  replace and upgrade those components that due to age have deteriorated.  

Full instructions for each functional update section are included with pictures before and after detailing  which components go where and a host of useful tips, checks and basic calibration.

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