Revox C270, C274 and C278 ELECTRONIC capacitor & trimmer overhaul kit


$680.00 AUD

Includes all power supply, tape transport and all audio cards.

For all Revox C270 and also will largely (but not completely) applicable to C274 / C278 and data loggers 

This kit contains parts for the very important power supply, tape control, logic, and transport functions and all audio cards / modules.

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics including large PSU can type caps which are specifically made for the C270 with 4 pins that fit correctly in place. Very important for the C270 as its a complex board. with through hole vias around the special 4 pin capacitors.

  • Replacement for all tantalum capacitors

  • Brand new specially manufactured non polarised motor capacitors 

  • Replacement of all troublesome suppression capacitors on drive control, switching and mains suppression

  • Fully enclosed cermet type pre-set potentiometers to replace old open type trimmers

  • Most axial capacitors are replaced with appropriately rated brand new manufactured axial capacitors.

  • 63V rated electrolytics replaced with correct 63V or higher voltage types (the C270 has quite a few of these oddball voltage caps)

 This kit considers / caters for the following circuit boards.

  • Main Control

  • Special 4 pin PSU capacitors - NEWLY manufactured  n 2017 not NOS that have been sitting for 10 years or more!

  • Distributor

  • Capstan Servo

  • Tacho

  • Connection

  • Keyboard

  • Basis 

  • Preamp

  • Record amp

  • Oscillator / Erase

  • Bias

  • Reproduce Amp

  • Output amp

  • Time Code is NOT included

  • All motor chassis mounted motor capacitors

  • A basic set of Nagravox service sheets / manual is provided to assist you with your overhaul that compliments the factory manual. 

 TOTALS:  Capacitors =192. Trimmers = 49. Spacer / other hardware = 6.    



  1. Standard kit is for standard C270. If you have a special version please email me to discuss. 

  2.  Time code associated boards are not included in this upgrade / service as they are seldom applicable or used these days. We can on request include the few extra capacitors at a nominal fee. Please contact us directly to discuss and advise.


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