Revox RCA sockets panel


$14.50 AUD

 RCA sockets and panel kit complete with special new black PCB, RCA sockets in Silver or Gold, slightly wider spacing and the appropriate rivets to mount them. They are available individually or as a sub kit for a specific model.

Why replace them?  The old RCA sockets have had a good life and in many cases it's time to put them into retirement.  Many start to rust or get badly tarnished. Some don't make good contact anymore resulting in hum, distortion and odd behaviour. The older sockets are also very narrowly spaced making the insertion of modern fatter RCA plugs sometimes difficult.

FOR Tape Recorders    A77  B77  F36  G36  B710 and even the older B - F36

FOR AMPLIFIERS  A40  A50  A78  B750

FOR OTHERS    A76, A740,  B740, B760 and possibly more


  1. SILVER or GOLD - both look really smart - your choice really

  2. Specific Model machines take different numbers - so the listing option shows that and price is complete for number as shown

  3. B77 kit has extra rivets for escutcheon plate


  • Printed Circuit Board.  Black in colour predrilled to fit exactly

  • Rivets  to secure the new panel (B77 has extra rivets for escutcheon)

  • RCA Sockets  two per panel either in Gold or Silver suggestions and troubleshooting.

  • Support service to help you in case you have questions, problems, suggestions etc. 

We supply aluminium non corroding rivers as original which are far neater, easier, less likely to come loose and less cumbersome than screws.

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