Revox and Studer cassette A710, A721, B710, B215 ELECTRONIC Control Systems & Audio upgrade overhaul kit


$195.00 AUD

COMPLETE CAPACITOR and TRIMMER OVERHAUL UPGRADE for ALL Revox and Studer Cassette Tape Machines  

 Four different kits for each of the various STUDER and REVOX machines. Choose one.

 This kit contains:

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics and tantalums in the tape transport, power supply, control systems and all audio systems.

  • Associated fully enclosed cermet type preset trimmers

  • For B710 and A710 the factory recommended electronic component updates SI106/87 D/E  A710 modifications.

 The audio signal path capacitors are specially selected low noise, low leakage / high stability types, most of which are specifically made for Nagravox.. The preset pots are cermet and fully enclosed guaranteeing decades of trouble free operation and adjustment.

Detailed instructions are available as part of a Nagravox service manual for these kits and all factory update information are included.

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