Motor Capacitor - individual for Studer & Revox


$41.00 AUD

We have been asked (why - who knows people are all different) to supply individual capacitors. We believe from a lot of practical experience that the absolute minimum in any Revox / Studer machine is the very basic Deluxe Motor Capacitor kit which includes all the motors capacitors as well as very important suppression capacitors. Of course the full recap kit is always best but some people like to try get away with the minimum. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. So here are individual motor capacitors for the ultimate minimalist.

All our AC rated motor capacitors are custom manufactured for us to our specifications. We deal direct with the factory not a middleman who may have bought up an old NOS job lot.  We dont use dubious manufactured washing machine or fan capacitors. I usually have them made in batches from 500 – 1000 depending on the MOQ that I can get from the factory. I also 'make' in house odd value ones for other make machines as needed using smaller value high grade non polarized capacitors and encapsulate them into appropriate aluminium cans.
We strictly insist on correct capacity and you will find that capacity is usually within 2% of value. The company we use in Taiwan are ‘old friends’ and we have been doing business since 2005. They understand us and my exacting requirements. and have made millions of capacitors for us and my previous company involved in motor speed drives. Some odd-ball value motor capacitors we 'make' (encapsulate ) ourselves particularly for the older Studer machines – C37, A/B62 etc where we cant justify the small quantities for specific manufacture. Studer and Revox 0riginal motor capacitors are generally rated 150/200 VAC or 200/250VAC non-polarized. Our motor capacitors we specify must be rated 250/275VAC or 350/400 VAC. ie we over specify. This is our standard range.

1.5/250 36 series
2/250 36 series
3/250 36 series
3.5/250 most Revox / Studer machines capstan motors
4.0/250 older 36 series
4.3/250 most Revox machines reel motors A/B77, PR900
4.5/250 older 36 series
6.5/350 A700, A/B67
8/250 and 8/350 A810, C270, A80
10/350 - A80, A810
13/250 - B62
20/250 - A80

 On those machines where Revox used dual can motor capacitors we usually supply a can capacitor plus a small piggyback capacitor and some heat shrink so you can make your own dual motor capacitor. This is a lot more reliable than a dual motor capacitor and though it may appear a little ‘different’, it is a very effective way of accomplishing a dual capacitor. We usually make / supply the following range

2 + 0.5 /250  36 series
3 + 0.5/250  36 series
6.5 + 1.5/250  A700, A/B67

We also make dual and triple can capacitors for the older tape machines and audio equipment. These are not listed individually but are part of our comprehensive electronic kits.

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