Revox Tape Capstan Securing Clip Type 2 for A77


$37.00 AUD

Revox & Studer 1/4" tape recorder Capstan Motor Securing Circlip

Part No.  REVOX CAPSTAN CLIP 2 .  Two part

Fits early Revox capstan motors in A77 and  some Studer models.

The clip kit secures the rotor to the shaft.

These are suitable for most 1/4" Revox and Studer tape recorders. 

Don't take a chance with rotor securing. It needs to be tight and Revox / Studer changed their fixing arrangements 3 times  (see other listings for later / earlier model clips)


PLEASE NOTE these clips are now in short supply.  It is better to get the intermediate later large washer type clip to secure.

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