Sequential Pause Control for Revox B77 and PR99


$90.00 AUD

The B77 and PR99 have a rather irritating PUASE button. Why?  Well, you have to continually hold it in to pause any function. Immediately you release your finger the tape function resumes.

NOT with the Nagravox Sequential Pause Control add on module.

Push the pause button once and let go - the machine pauses and stays paused until you push the pause button again at which time the function resumes.

Really simple and really convenient.

It works on all tape transport functions:

    * PLAY     * RECORD     * FAST FORWARD    * REWIND

This is a small PCB module that plugs into the tape transport board as an add in with one of the cables. Takes 2 minutes to install. Easy peasy!


There is also a novel switchable feature that works like this.

In standard form the pause control works as described above, remembering what function you are paused in.  However if you  use the change function setting on the board jumper, you can select another function whilst you are in pause if you want to. When you push pause again then the machine will go into the new function.  Example. In RECORD you pause. Now you feel you dont really want to continue with RECORD and you push REWIND, then when you hit the pause button again the machine will rewind.

The PR99 version is exactly the same except the board has slightly different pins better suited to the PR99 configuration.

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