Contactor relay and capacitors for Studer A80 & A81


$56.00 AUD

Studer Contactor Relay plus  4x special suppressor capacitors.

Part No.  56.02.0108

Is suitable for all later A80 and A81 models that use a single rectangular contactor. (Note - older models use 3 x octal base relays - which we also stock).

This contactor relay on the contactor board switches often and has a hard life that after 20 - 30 years requires replacing. It is supplied with 4x very important suppressor capacitors that should be replaced at the same time.  (Please note the PCB is NOT included - you fit the relay / contactor and suppression caps yourself).

The part is a genuine brand new fresh manufactured relay made by reputable manufacturer Omron. The capacitors are the highest grade 300VAC rated X2 capacitors  we have been using for more than 12 years. They are by far the best available and are fresh manufactured.

This relay is an essential item to replace in old machines because it controls and switches both reel motors and does a lot of work. It is prudent to replace the suppression caps at the same time and that is why we include them.

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