Full Brake Overhaul Kit


$185.00 AUD

BRAKE OVERHAUL KITS for most Revox and Studer tape recorders.  Includes bands, linings, springs etc.

Are your brakes binding, noisy or not braking properly? This could be due to worn or damaged bands, worn brake drum linings or both. The brakes on Revox and Studer machines are robust and well designed - essentially very similar from the early 60's to the late 80's across most models.

This kit uses brand new components to overhaul your existing brake bands and drum linings. Brake bands are laser cut top grade stainless steel. You use your existing metal ends of the brake bands. Full download instructions on how to do it and get the best you can from your brakes are included and support if you get stuck or are unsure. If in doubt, ask Pete.

Usually brake linings wear first or get contaminated (even the slight oil from your hands will compromise them) and our brake lining kit is all you may need (see other listings). However sometimes the brake bands may become crinkled, damaged or just worn, in which case you need new brake bands. If you replace brake bands it is silly not to replace the brake linings as well - and hence why this is a FULL kit.

You use your own old brake band ends as these do not wear and can easily be straightened and made 'as good as new'. Then you simply rivet the new bands in place using a normal inexpensive riveter (available at most tool shops). Add the acoustic tape (a later Revox and Studer upgrade) and clean thoroughly before reinstalling. We even include some extra rivets in case you make an error and also 2 brake band circlips in case you lose one these tiny parts as sods law says you probably will!

BRAKE BANDS are generally a common size (length)  for groups of models. I show hole centres length of the band in mm for each model. ie 185mm, 189mm, 201mm etc. If you are unsure you should take one of the brake bands off and measure the hole centres end to end with it flat. This will then make it easy to make sure you have chosen the correct kit.  Be careful with:

  • A77 had two different lengths 

  • B67 mk1 is shorter than B67 mk2

  • A807 mk1 is 201mm. The mk2 has 218mm

The early Revox 36 series have some quirks as well.

  • G36 uses bakelite drums. You need to be a bit more careful with fitting the linings as 2 linings per drum are required which are supplied.

  • A - C 36 are different to E-G36 as far as brake band centre to centre length. You MUST check the best one to get.

Servicing Brands...