EPROM for Tape Deck Electronics board for Studer A807


$90.00 AUD

Nagravox has new replacement EPROM sets using new high quality EPROMS freshly burned and tested.  We use new EPROMS and where we can get Gold Dye Japanese manufactured.

What are the EPROM’s or PROM’s? They are a permanent memory chip that contain the full machine program that runs the A807on the Tape Deck Electronics board. The EPROM is a programmed ROM that is ‘burned’ electrically once and then can last between  15 - 25 years before it needs to be refreshed or re-burned. These days it makes sense to offer new EPROM’s freshly burned with the appropriate code.  A machine that will not boot up correctly every time or random error codes are typical example of a failing EEPROM set.

This listing is for 1  or 2 x A807 EPROM's depending on whether mk1 or mk2. Various versions are offered.  All these versions I offer are the most stable. generally one can update to a later version in most cases but there are some exceptions.

MK1 machines:

Ver 10/89  1.727.351.25

Ver 20/88  1.727.351.23

Ver 20/88  1.727.351.22

MK2 machines:

Ver 20/92  1.727.651.26

Ver 06/90  1.727.651.23

Nagravox is starting a library of obsolete and unavailable PROM's for Studer and Revox machines. We keep our own original masters and then also store the actual machine code on file which we use to clone new EPROM's in an appropriate burner. All PROMS are double checked after the burning process with the original machine code byte by byte.

RECAP your machine!  Most problems that cause damage are due to capacitors failing. 

PLEASE NOTE VERY IMPORTANT.  IC's, semiconductors and optics once purchased and delivered are non returnable. Replacing an IC or semiconductor into a dubious or possibly faulty machine can blow it as other problems may be present. All semiconductors are new and tested before they leave our facility. You are urged to do a full recap of your machine and then test all PSU voltages before troubleshooting and replacing any IC.  I am happy to discuss your symptoms and try to help you diagnose problems before you purchase. 


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