Studer C37 & J37 Lubrication Kit


$21.00 AUD

Revox capstan and reel motor lubricant for all early Revox 36 series and Studer A62 reel to reel tape recorders.  

This kit is for earlier capstan motors that use a separate flywheel assembly coupled to the motor, both of which use sintered bronze bearings. It is also suitable for early reel motor lubrication and motors with sintered bronze bearings with or without a roller bearing.

This kit contains:

  •  10ml special Mobil modern equivalent to Teresso 43 which we call "teresso 43" 
  •  Special draw needle and syringe for precise application

    There was some confusion at some stage in the history between G36 - A77 - B77 that Mobil DTH-EH should be used retrospectively for the 36 series motors. Although this works fine on most machines in our experience, we have found when overhauling and fitting a new capstan shaft, the thicker lubricant may possibly cause some drag affecting speed by about 5%.  Studer / Revox did suggest that if this occurred to leave the machine running for a few hours before using.  We have not been too happy with that vague instruction and have sourced an almost direct modern day equivalent oil with a similar viscosity 45 versus original 43.  The oil is made by Mobil and recommended as a replacement.  We now stock this oil and have called it "Teresso 43" thus acknowledging that it is an equivalent.

    Capstan motors need lubricating every 500 hours or 6 - 12 months and full clean and new bearing at 2000 hours or 3 - 5 years. 

    Do this and the motors will last a long time. Most motors we have come across have never been serviced and the lubricating felts are dry. Luckily these old capstan motors are really robust and can be brought back to good serviceable condition. They are relatively easy to dismantle and once upgraded / serviced will run smoother with less noise. With a good clean, new bearings and a lubrication it's surprising how well an old motor can run. 

    General Machine Lubrication Note: The Mobil DTE EH in our kits is very suitable as a general lubricant for all moving parts on all tape machines. It is a high viscosity oil ideal for "clinging" to parts. We highly recommend that you purchase Teresso 43 and DTH-EH together.

    For earlier capstan motors the correct lubricant is Mobil DTE – EH or Teresso 43 and no other lubricant should be used or mixed with them. DO NOT USE synthetic oil or Isoflex PDP65. The DTH-EH and "Teresso 43" are fully compatible and can be mixed / changed over.


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