TAPE REELS - Empty - Metal and Plastic


$30.00 AUD


These are either 10.5" metal, 10.5" plastic or 7" plastic and they come in for 1/4" format.

We also from time to time have  and can get 1/2, 1 and 2". Please enquire.

All new reels come with a smart hinged cardboard reel box (care box).

Plastic reels are black (10.5") or smoky clear (7").

NAB Metal reels are designed to take pancake format tape and are easy to add a pancake to by undoing 3 screws.

Standard metal NAB are 1/4" anodised SILVER aluminium reels 

1/4" NAB coloured reels come in Black, Red, Gold or Blue.

Good 2nd hand or new slightly marked metal and plastic reels sometimes available.  Available in normal anodised aluminium or sometimes colours (limited). They are available without a box. Indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of colour in a note with your order.

Please also see our NAB adapter range for use with metal reels.


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