TASCAM 122 mk3 Overhaul Kit - recap, retrim & mechanical service


$272.00 AUD

NAGRAVOX'S  electronic capacitor update / upgrade kit and basic mechanical service kit for the TASCAM 122 mk3 professional cassette recorder. 

Although we are relatively new to Tascam recorders, after getting some of these machines in the workshop over the last few years for repair, we decided could offer full service overhaul kits similar to our well respected Studer and Revox kits.  

The kit includes a comprehensive list of components that should be replaced on all power supply,  tape transport, electronically commutated motor and audio boards as well servicing mechanical wear items associated with the gearbox, associated switch contacts and capstan motor.  

Don’t waste your time replacing just one or two capacitors on a machine that is probably 25+ years old Replace ALL the troublesome electrolytics, tantalums and suppression capacitors. 

This kit contains electronic recap / retrim replacement and mechanical service parts:

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytic capacitors
  • Replacement capacitors for all tantalum capacitors
  • Replace suppression capacitors 
  • Replace ALL miniature SMD Capstan motor capacitors  
  • Capstan bearing service 
  • Different lubricants for motor, bearing plate, switch contacts and gears.
  • An installation manual compiled by our Nagravox workshop based on actual workshop overhauls and experience. 
  • We also provide tech support / advice if you experience a curly problem. 
TOTALS:  Capacitors = 109 Lubricants and mechanical items 5.     Kit Weight is 0.3kg 

PINCH ROLLER:  We stock a specially manufactured pinch roller (made specifically for Nagravox) for this machine. See our type listing TASCAM  122mk3. If your pinch roller looks at all worn, cracked, hard or is too soft - get a new pinch roller. An option is available on this listing to add a pinch roller.

CASSETTE TRAY MECHANISM GEARS:  We stock the various plastic gears for this machine. NB NOT 3D printed!  Please inquire.


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