UPDATE SUB KITS for Nagravox Electronic kits


$40.00 AUD

Bought a kit and then put it in a cupboard for a few years?  It happens!

Because we are constantly updating our service manuals we also update the parts in our kits usually every year or so.

We make up small sub kits of the updated parts and also give you access to the latest service manuals. This applies to full electronic and full monty kits not basic or deluxe motor cap kits. The sub kit updates appropriate capacitors, resistors and semiconductors.

Our update kits are applicable to kits older than 2020. We always show a batch number in small print on our kits which is basically the run batch and year. eg 05/19 means batch 5 in 2019. 

PLEASE ADD A NOTE in your order giving us the kit batch no. so we can give you the most appropriate update.


  • Kits with model nos only are full electronic recap / retrim kits NOT basic or deluxe motor kits
  • Motor / mechanical / full monty kits are for the mechanical aspects only - not the additional items supplied as part of a full monty - eg belts, RCA sockets, globes, semiconductors spares pack etc.


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