VU meters for Revox B77 and PR99 .


$380.00 AUD


Many original B77 and PR99  VU meters have a sticky needles or are just useless as the internal glue holding the movement dries up and crumbles.  They also loose their linearity and accuracy as the needle disintegrates with old age.

 THIS LISTING IS FOR 1x B77 / PR99  VU meter packed in a proper protective box. Meter is inclusive overload LED.

Supplied either with or without new updated LED illumination holders for two VU meters. FYI - without - you use your old illumination bulbs and sockets. 

Please note as these are new manufactured, they may cosmetically be slightly different to your old ones.  Please check carefully and if this is a concern, then I suggest you by in pairs.  I stress this is purely very slight and cosmetic only.  Older meters may have a very slightly different printing and may also be more yellow as they have aged or the colour may be faded.

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