A80 B62 Audio - optional repair / update sub kit


$138.00 AUD

This additional kit is for all non VU models ie A80, A80R /RC /QC, A62, B62 and some A81.

It replaces items most likely to give problems ie

  • the A101 linear hybrid amplifier modules - two options std and deluxe,
  • the record relays,
  • a few components on the record relay PCB
  • and possibly some semiconductors elsewhere (provided just in case)

What are the symptoms?  No record. Intermittent record and/or playback. One channel lower output / quality than the other. 

The sub kit includes:

4x A101 linear amplifier kits (standard or deluxe version can be specified) - see stand alone listing for details  https://nagravox.com/products/studer-new-a101-linear-hybrid-amplifier-module-for-tape-recorders-a80-b62-189?variant=7975237845036   These should always be replaced in both record and playback amplifiers.

2 x special record relays

8x spare transistors

2x diodes for record relay sub board

4x capacitors for record relay sub board


PLEASE NOTE:  The full deluxe audio kit for a 2 channel A/B62 A80   A80R A80 RC mk1/2 A80 QC   A81 already has the above kit in it - you dont need to purchase the above extra.


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