Audio capacitor service upgrade kit for Studer A80 VU models


$332.00 AUD

KIT A80 VU audio -  For most Studer multi-track modular machines 1/4 - 2". 

This kit is for those A80VU machines that have plug in modules above the machine - 1 per track.

This kit contains parts for :

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics 
  • Replacement for all tantalum capacitors
  • Option for adding A101 linear amplifier modules

This kit comes in a number of variations and options for  2, 4, 8, 16 or 24 modules  

This kit is only for the audio modules. It is highly recommended you do the main console using our ELECTRONIC capacitor and trimmer kit for all the power supply and tape transport systems.  See

This kit does not include any preset adjuster potentiometers as the originals are good quality and are fully sealed - it would rare that any would be faulty or too old to be serviceable. Please select the model machine form the drop down list. The variations are:  Mk1   Mk2 -3  and Mk4 & MR. 

PLEASE NOTE A101 modules.  All models except mk4 / MR have A101 linear amplifier modules which give problems as they age. If they are fully encapsulated, its essential you replace them otherwise you will have problems. 

If not and you can see the components on the little piggy back boards, you need just the  ADD ON cap kit which allows you to replace the troublesome capacitor not the whole module. 

How many do you need?  If you have the encapsulated versions then  For Mk2/3 generally 4 will be required per module plus 2 on the oscillator module in the main cabinet.  Please check as often boards are mixed around over the years. For Mk1 You will (ouch !) need 18 for each audio channel / module + 2 for the master oscillator card in the main cabinet. Add these as extras.

Just to give you some idea of number of components and logistics.

Mk1 2 track  - 56 caps + A101 parts (40 caps, transistors, resistors + hardware bits)

Mk1 24 track -  1344 caps + 434 A101 modules (17360 caps, transistor, resistors + hardware bits.


Are all old A101 modules a problem?  No.  We can save you a lot of money if you have the later old A101's. Have a chat and we can quote you.


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