Studer A807 ELECTRONIC capacitor & trimmer overhaul kit


$685.00 AUD

This kit contains parts for replacing ALL  polar electrolytic or tantalum capacitors in a A807 machine - all tape systems, power supply and audio. It also includes later factory updates.

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics including large PSU can type caps
  • Replacement for all tantalum capacitors
  • All troublesome suppressor capacitors 
  • New mains filter module  

 This kit caters for the following circuit boards.

  • Power Supply
  • Tape Deck Electronics
  • Movement Sensor
  • Tacho generators
  • Tape Movement Sensors
  • Spooling motors control, movement and tension systems
  • Capstan Control
  • Command Panel
  • Mains Filter module 
  • Audio Control
  • Audio Electronics
  • Mono / stereo switch input and output
  • Console monitor
  • Repro preamp
  • Monitor VU
  • Speaker monitor
  • A comprehensive set of Nagravox service sheets / manual provided

 TOTALS:  Capacitors =296. Resistors =4. Mains filter = 1.

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