Studer B62 BASIC motor and suppressor capacitor kit


$420.00 AUD

BASIC Motor, Suppression and PSU Capacitor Set for B62   

We have had new manufactured capacitors designed and made specially for the Studer motors.  They are non polar foil types specially made for motors and are rated at 250 / 350 VAC. 

 This kit includes the associated paper AC suppressor capacitors that commonly give problems in the capstan speed control and tape drive control. It also includes the can electrolytic capacitors for the PSU

  • 2x 13uf 350 VAC reel motors capacitors

  • 1x 3.5uf 250 VAC capstan motor capacitor

  • 8x 300VAC AC suppression capacitors 0.1 - 1.5uf

  • 1x 6500uf 63V can electrolytic (5000uf 50V)

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