Studer B62 ELECTRONIC capacitor & trimmer overhaul kit


$723.00 AUD

Full recap KIT B62 full capacitor (motor, audio - electrolytic and suppression) and trimmers -  for all Studer B62. Now includes A101 amplifier modules and audio relay updates.

Don’t waste your time replacing just one or two capacitors on machines that are now 50 years old, replace ALL the likely troublesome electrolytics,  motor and suppression capacitors. Usually the old high voltage capacitors associated with the motors and tape drive will also be shot electrically and often even visually.  The B62 kit includes ALL the important capacitors you should replace.

This kit contains parts for the power supply, tape control and transport functions as well as the most common set of audio cards:

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics including large PSU can type caps

  • Replacement for all smaller electrolytic capacitors

  • Brand new specially manufactured non polarised motor capacitors 

  • All troublesome paper capacitors on drive control, switching and mains suppression

  • Fully enclosed cermet type preset potentiometers to replace any old open type trimmers

  • A101 linear amplifier modules (as a kit) 4x for Record and Playback cards

 This kit caters for the following circuits / boards.

  • Power Supply

  • Stabiliser

  • Tape Transport Control

  • Tape Motion Sensing

  • Tape Tension Sensing

  • All motor chassis and clip mounted motor capacitors

  • Capstan Servo

  • Reproduce Amplifiers

  • Record Amplifiers

  • Oscillator

  • Mono stereo switch

  • Connection panel

  • Our own set of Nagravox service sheets manual is provided to assist you with your overhaul.   

TOTALS:  Capacitors =121. Preset trimmers & resistors =12.   A101 modules and semiconductors = 14   



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