Studer C37 Setup Calibration Kit for Studer C37 1/4" tape machines


$380.00 AUD


Nagravox Calibration Kits different to what you might expect. A lot more than just a calibration tape!

Developed over the last 3 years specifically for discerning audio enthusiasts and professionals. The rationale is to provide an appropriate set of tools, instructions and media to test, calibrate and setup a specific model Revox or Studer machine properly. Three resources based on the three fundamental chains of signal processing. 


A cheap short generic reel of tape recorded by an enthusiast to try and make some money from his tape machine on eBay is not realistically going to help you  setup and calibrate your machine properly. Calibration is the final step and is not just a process of throwing on a playback tape, tweaking some trimmers and hoping it will all come together. All 3 chains must be considered singly and then together. You also need to understand what gear and instruments are needed and how to use them. Awareness of modern tape formulations, relevant steps, differences, peculiarities and nuances of a particular model, later factory updates not in factory manuals and hints and tips based on experience make calibration and setup a science and not a hit and miss affair.

The Nagravox calibration kit is designed to setup and calibrate your machine fully and properly. Each kit is tailored for a specific machine and your tape type preferences. Feel confident that your machine is setup and performs the way it was designed and manufactured.

PLEASE NOTE:  This kit is for the professional Studer machines model C37 that requires a calibration tape for each speed and for each equalisation if you have the switchable equalisation model (later).  You choose how many speeds and equalisations you want to calibrate for.

Nagravox Setup and Calibration kits include:

• Playback calibration tapes for each speed and equalisation.
• New fresh record setup tape for calibrating the record chain
• A set of detailed instructions, explanations, required equipment (which are not too onerous nor expensive), diagrams and check sheets SPECIFIC to your particular model machine. These are based on Revox Studer manuals, Factory Tech Bulletins, industry best practice and Nagravox’s own experience repairing, updating and restoring tape machine’s.

You need to decide:

  • 7" trident reels or 10.5" NAB metal reels
  • Equalisation NAB or CCIR/IEC or both
  • The tape type and formulation you will be using to set the machine up for. We recommend SM468  but can accommodate SM911, LPR35, LPR90, SM900, ATR Master and ATR MDS36. (All currently manufactured new tape). 

The playback calibration tape/s are on 7" trident reels or 10.5: metal NAB reels and include a plethora of appropriate length tones (the important ones are in minutes not seconds!) at calibrated levels with full commentary and explanation. Everything on the tape relates back to the calibration manual notes and explanation. 

The Record chain tape is a brand new full length 7" tape of the type you will set your machine up on or optional 10.5" NAB option.

Instruction Manuals are requested and sent to you via a download service as a pdf.

Do you want add a second machine model or equalisation speed or want to set up on multiple tape types?  We offer extra add-on kits for purchasers of this full kit which provides additional options and usability to this base kit in an economical bundle. (some variations (there are many) may not be applicable)


Sometimes you may have to use tape that perhaps your machine was not set up on. I make the following comments, bearing in mind 'you dont get something for nothing' and these are rough guidelines.

  • For C37 we recommend SM468, SM911, ATR Master or SM900
  • SM900 / LPR90 have the same magnetic properties & are interchangeable
  • SM911 / LPR35 have the same magnetic properties & are interchangeable.
  • ATR Master / MDS36 have the same magnetic properties & are interchangeable
  • The C37 has a novel bias visual metering system so you can theoretically set up for multiple tape types. Sure its time consuming and somewhat complicated to set up, but once done, its easy to change to different tape types by a quick pre calibration and re-adjusting the  meter settings noted down in the full calibration for your machine and tape type.

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